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    I am listing a few different silkies for sale and will be going through them again tomorrow. But, here is one of the three I am selling today. She is a very cute Blue Partridge Hen. Born September 2010. I do show and did show her sister at the Boston Poulrty Show in June 2011. I won 1st in her open division and RV of her color/breed. Please look at my website for details of the birds I have shown. This girl is a blue partridge b/c she does have brown highlights that are very faint right now b/c she is headed into a molt. She has great toes 5 on each foot. Her comb is great no Hooks or Spikes with a smooth look. Correct earlobes and type. She was broody hatched out two babies 4 weeks ago and is raising them so between that and molting she is looking alittle ragged. I promise she looks very pretty when in condition [​IMG]

    Here are some additional Pictures:


    Sorry for the blurry pics of feet and head shots I was by myself and had a hard time be steady with the camera [​IMG]

    I am NPIP certified with both Salmonella Pullurom and I am Avian influenza H/5 & H/7 clean. The state of CT comes and tests my flock every 3 months and my last test was 11/15/2011. I can give you a free slightly used shipping box if needed although I'd love to see this girl be sold locally I can and will ship to all states except, Hawaii, Alaska, and Virginia. Unfortunately, the two first states are too far and the third has very strict guidelines that require a health certificate which I can not take time off of work to meet a Vet. Sorry [​IMG]

    Any questions or concerns please feel free to send me a PM. If you win any other birds I have up for auction I can combine shipping and do have two different sizes of boxes that can accomdate 2-4 bantams per box. And again they are slighlty used so I will give them to you for free to keep shipping costs down.

    Thanks for looking and have a great day!!!
    Beth [​IMG]
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    I've had quite a few PM's with repeat questions so I figured I would post up here some more info. Sorry for not disclosing in original Post.

    I will ship more than one bird together. I have a box large enough to accomodate up to 4 Bantams. Shipping will be the actual cost and if I overcharge I will refund the money back to the buyer. I am giving the box for free so the cost of shipping will be the actual cost to the buyer.

    I would love for them to go together but, understand that may not happen but, definitely would love that!!!

    Also all of my birds are vaccinated for Mareks as day olds and I also vaccinate for Fowl Pox. Any questions or other concerns please feel free to send me an Email or PM.

    Thanks again!
    Beth [​IMG]
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    Good Morning,

    Because this hen is out of condition I wanted to give folks an idea of what she will look like after she is done molting and being a broody.

    Here is a pictures of her sister from the same hen. Her sister took 1st at the Boston Poultry Show in June 2011 and Reserve Variety.


    They look very similar when this hen is in condition. The only difference is this hen has partridge in her and the other does not. Same hen different rooster.

    Hope this helps folks get an idea.

    Beth [​IMG]
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    Apr 4, 2008
    does she come with her two babies???? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hi, I just got and responded to your PM. Yeah anyone who wants the two babies are welcome to them. They were born 10/23/2011 and are to orpington chicks. Thanks, Beth [​IMG]

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