Silkie...boy or girl?


9 Years
Apr 3, 2010
stanardsville, va
i have been reading that it is very hard to sex silkies...but i thought you could give it a shot
this is the only silkie i have presently...i may end up w/ a couple more i am liking them so much

Meet Thunder @ 9 weeks old

as usual if you need better pics just let me know...i will probably have to let another month go by before you can actually tell i am thinking
but thnx for your guesses

ETA: sorry didnt realize the pic was so blurry...may try for another tmw just so you have something to guess
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9 Years
May 31, 2010
Fayetteville, NC
Between 9 and 12 weeks my silkies changed ALOT. Feel free to see them here: for comparison. Watch for the waddle and for what happens with the crest on top. The ones we think are girls have a more rounded crest and no waddle or very small waddle. Only one crows still so we are not positive what we have either but I so see interesting changes in them all each day.

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