Silkie- boy or girl?? :)


8 Years
Jul 11, 2011
Click on pictures to see larger images, it was a bit cloudy when the new pictures were taken, hopefully you can see what you need!!
So.... your thoughts? Boys or girls????

Silkie #1: Blue, hatched 7/5/12, have not heard any crowing.

Silkie #2: black, also born 7/5/12, no crowing yet either.

(Little burst of wind from behind here... maybe blowing his hairdo around a bit):

Here's a better shot with no wind:

Silkie #3, Black, Hatched 5/25/12, no crowing, no eggs, very timid/submissive

Silkie #1 in background behind the board, Silkie #3 on left, Silkie #2 on right:

Silkie #1 on left, Silkie #2 on right- they did a little face-off for a few seconds, ruffled neck feathers, bobbed heads, then sort of walked off. Same thing young chicks do when they are playing, but at 4 months old, are they a little old to be playing like that? I have a tendency to think they're boys if they're sparring at this age? The blue one on the left did get more into it than this picture shows, assumed the same posture as the one on the right...

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I think it is a girl. Usually boys start crowing very early. So she hasn layed any eggs? Have you checked it's vent area? usually roos have a small tush. If it is healthy the girl should have a fuller one. Very pretty by the way
I haven't done anything with "it" other than watching it occasionally... lol I put these young ones out with our regular flock at about 16 weeks old, and I think they're all a bit timid in their behavior because of it, always getting henpecked! Haven't gotten any eggs yet, but it's only just over 4 months old, so not terribly surprising there. I haven't looked at the vent, is there something specific I should check for there? I do have one confirmed silkie hen I could compare to in a pinch, if there's something obvious I can find! :)

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