Silkie breeders in Indiana

Momma 2 silkies

7 Years
May 26, 2012
I am looking for a a silkie breeder in southern Indiana. I have 6 1 week old chicks but I want 3 or four more but I want pullets. I have 3 roos and 3 pullets right now. Color isn't really important but I would like white, black or blue. If anyone has a few young pullets with color they are selling, let me know or send me in the right direction please. Thanks in advance.
i need a rooster would you be interested in selling one of your extras. i am in bedford text at 812 278 7463
I don't have any adult rooster for sale anymore but I do have a young blue cockeral for sale for 10. He was born easter weekend. He is a frizzle silkie and will produce full blooded silkies and frizzle silkie chicks when older. Just let know know if you are interested in him

I also have a black sizzle cockeral born the same time if you are interested in sizzles. He is also 10.

i do still want him text me aat 812 278 7463 or call just need plan it so can meet up i will come today ir hear from you
have pretty red frizzle cochin to trade or will buy him out right
and a blue is perfect for me i m seriously intereseted just test me and let me know what you want to do will meet you or come to you. i even have few babies day old i could give you on i tink is a hen as a trade also
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Sorry. I still have him but don't need the cochin. I have 7 that I might be selling. I want 10 for the cockeral and whenever you want to come get him is fine. Where are you coming from?
Hi, hope it is okay to barge in on this conversation! I have a buff Silkie roo that I need to rehome. He is about 6 months old and not aggressive. I also am desperately searching for at least one (preferrably 3) pullets to add to my tiny flock. I am having an awful time tracking down Silkies and am hoping to get a lead here! Please let me know if you can help! Thanks so much.
I am in search of some Silkies and I don't know how to find someone that breeds/sells them. I prefer 3 just in case one is a Roo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am located in Northwest Indiana and am willing to travel within reason. Thank you

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