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Feb 26, 2013
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I know that sounds like any other generic chicken-can't-stand title, but I'm truly baffled. I don't think it's Marek's as I'm pretty sure she was inoculated from the previous owner and the rest of my flock is fine.
I have a 10 month-ish old Silkie hen that went broody for quite some time. I shushed her out of the nest box about 2.5 weeks ago and noticed she couldn't walk. She was hobbling around and falling over, spreading her wings for balanced. I thought maybe she was just stiff or something from sitting for weeks. I soon realized it was more serious and brought her inside, where she's been ever since.
When I brought her in, one legs was completely splayed out outward from the body. NOT sideways, perpendicularly, but forward. After a couple days both legs went out forward and she couldn't stand at all and would fall over sideways. After a week or so researching and trying to figure out what was wrong with her, I decided that it was perhaps a vitamin deficiency from sitting in the dark chicken house and not eating as well.
I stared grating part of a calcium and part of a multi-vitamin in her water and after 2 days she was able to put her right leg back under her. I went out and got some liquid chicken multi-vitamin and have been iving her that for the past 3 days. Her right leg is now firmly under her but she can't use it to stand, it's just folded under her. Her left leg is still splayed but not as badly as before. And she's attempting to hobble around but it's like the top of her legs/hips aren't working. Both her legs are warm and can move and her toes flex and her hips move and she can kick if I pick her up. So... I'm confused. Could it be a horrible case of vitamin deficiency, and if so, will she be able to heal?
And is there anything else this could possibly be? Please help. She's still eating and drinking just fine.
Thank you,

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