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    hello all
    Greetings from Colorful Colorado!
    we are raising chicks/chickens for the first time this spring. unfortunately we have lost 2 different silkie that were placed among our other chicks (americauna, white California, orpington, barred rock)
    The silkies were about a 2 weeks younger than the barred rock, about 1 week younger than the others.
    The first one refused to eat and drink, died after 2 days. second one lasted about a half day more. Both didn't appear to be picked on or bullied excessively by the others. they were trampled a few times by the larger birds.
    There is plenty of space, heat, food, water and roosts for everyone

    were they just too small to be with the others?
    Is there some special care that we did not provide?

    This was incredibly tragic for us as the silkie was the one breed we truly wanted in our family

    Please advise,
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    [​IMG]Hi, Welcome To BYC

    I'm sorry for your loss.

    You mention that your chicks refused to eat and drink. What are you feeding the chicks and what type of water station are you using?
    When you first got the silkies, did you dip their beak in water to show them where the water was?

    Any other symptoms that you saw - lethargy, laying down a lot, walking slowly/backwards, distress peeping, etc.? Were they initially active?
    Were their vents clear of poop (pasty butt)?

    How are the other chicks doing - any problems there?

    There's no way to know exactly what happened. Silkies are a bit fragile and can suffer from head trauma/injury easily, they can also have genetic/developmental disorders as well. Some things you can try next time around is offering wet food (chick starter) and providing vitamins in their water the first week.

    Photos of your brooder set-up may be helpful. Would love to see your new babies[​IMG]

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