Silkie chick-Gender guesses please

Red Squirrel

6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Burnsville, MN
This little baby is 5-6 weeks old. I know it can take ages to work out their sex but any guesses from the experts would be appreciated.

This is little Dumplin
and his/her OEGB friend. (Red Pyle pullet). Also weird question (newbie to silkies here
)- I have seen huge silkies and small ones (adults). This silkie is a bantam one-is there a standard and bantam in the silkies or just small and large ones?

Yeah.. I'm thinking roo too (for me, silkie roos and hens have very distinct faces and this one's face looks more like a roo to me) but come back when s/he's at least 8 weeks for sure, that's when it starts gettin' a bit easier (but still not 100%) to sex them for me personally!
LOVE their big black eyes! So sweet-will see what develops-hoping. The puff on top is not all around either so that is not a good sign. Darn sweet little bogger lol-will wait and see

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