Silkie chick hatching with yolk still attached


10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
far west Ohio
I have 11 silkie eggs in the bator-today is day 21. So far only one chick has hatched, but I think the yolk has not absorbed. The umbilical cord is still attached and it is slightly bloody inside the shell. The chick is all the way out but is still attached to the shell. Should I do anything to help?
Just don't open the bator to keep the humidity up. Tiny bits of blood is fine, and since it hatched on it's own, it is likely you are seeing the sack off the rear, which is the chick development poop bag basically. Now if it is yellow like a yolk, and covered in veins... there is not much more you can do other than keep it moist.
I just had a silkie chick hatch like that last week. I started to clip it off, but decided better and left it alone. I left it in the bator to dry, and by morning the "attachment" had dried up and most of it had fallen off. There was a tiny bit still attached to the chick by a dried cord (tiny, like a thin string), and I did clip that off with sterilized kitchen scissors. The chick's doing fine and I couldn't tell by looking which one it was. I hope your baby does great!
Thanks for the help! I have it wrapped loosely in a wet washcloth and it seemsto be doing okay, but this is my first experience with hatching chicks and I am a little nervous! I can't tell that any of the other chicks have pipped yet, when do I start to worry? These were all developing well on day 18. I didn't have anything to test the humidity either, will that hurt me?
Well, it fell off, and it was not the yolk! He is now stumbling around knocking into all the other eggs:p,but he seems just fine! Thanks for the help!

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