Silkie chick head injury


Aug 20, 2019
hi everyone. I’ve had chickens for a while but this is my first major injury I’ve encountered. My poor silkie, about a month and a half old had something happen to half the skin on his head today. I was out of the house and he was loose with some other two month old chicks and our big hens. Any ideas what might have caused this? Or best way to treat it? I’ve sprayed it with vetericyn spray so far.



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Oh no, sorry about your silkie. She has probably been attacked by a flock member. Do you have a rooster? This can be a common injury. Separate her and keep her in a quiet spot. Offer water and food, and place it up to her beak when she is out of ahock. Use betadine, chlorhexidene, or Vetericyn on her wounds. Then apply plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment twice a day. Her recovery depends a lot on how badly her injury is, and if there was any brain damage. Many chickens with these injuries do well once the skin heals, but she needs to stay separated and kept from flies.
Thank you! We do have a rooster and so far he has avoided them but I’ll keep him away from the other babies too. I’ll add ointment! I appreciate the advice so much!! Luckily she’s eating and drinking well so far!

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