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Horn Lake, MS
I live in Horn Lake, MS and need a silkie. To make a long story short my dad had a massive heart attack on 1/22/08, at age 53 and my mom now lives with us. Daddy is still alive but in a nursing home.

I have three red sex links that were hatched on 9/20/07, if I recall correctly. And my setup could easily handle at least one more. But my mom would love to look out her window at a silkie. Not sure why, but who can really question their mama? And I can upload some pics if anyone wants to see just how happy my girls are.

I know silkies are hard to sex, and that's fine, but I don't have the equipment to hatch. I'm willing and capable to raise from a hatchling. And willing to pick-up. We go to Holly Springs every Sunday to see my dad anyway so...

I should have been in bed over an hour ago, so sorry if I'm rambling on.
Anna, don't know how much help I can be as I live in Canton, MS but I do have some silkie chicks that I took out of the incubator this morning. So if you are ever down in the Jackson area I can fix you up with silkies.

I am in Grenada, about an hour and a half south of you. If you are interested, let me know. I have lots of babies right now. Black. blue and splash. I don't know if I will be heading that way anytime soon but if I do I will let you know and could bring them with me. Otherwise we might could meet you in like Batesville? You can search my name here and see lots of pictures.

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I would love to get one. Next Satuday is the next time I'll be able to make the drive, but I'd be willing to come all the way. How much are you asking?

I'm kinda wondering if I should go ahead and get two, so it won't be lonely while its inside.

Hi Anna. sorry I have not responded. I have been tied up all weekend and have not been online. I would not just get one if you don't have other chicks to put it with. It will cheep alot. Besides, with silkies, it is kind of hard to tell the sex as chicks so you have a better chance of getting a female if you get more than one? Just a suggestion. I should be around next weekend as far as I know. Just keep in touch with me and we will work something out. I may end up coming to Batesville anyway and if so it would save you a little off your trip. I have chicks from 3 wks to I think 5 weeks, would have to check the calendar. But whichever age you prefer, just let me know. I have mostly splash and a few blue ones. I also have a couple that are frizzled black. I haven't really sold any but since I have had to feed them for a while, not like day olds, I guess $5 each would be fair?? Just let me know what you think and I will try to get out there this week and find one or two that I don't want to keep in the flock. Have not narrowed that down yet. They are all wonderful but I can't keep them all so I have to decide who I can let go, it is so the hardest part. Anyway, just keep me posted.

I would like to get two, one of them blue if possible. I don't mind about the age. My last chick setup worked quite well, and it will be easy to recreate. $5 sounds fair to me. I have to work until noon next Saturday, and Batesville is about a 45 minute drive, so I could be there by 12:45 or so.

I'm so excited. They are just so sweet.

Will let you know for sure by friday whether I am coming to batesville, ok. Search my name or look at my page for some pics.

All the pics on your page are so sweet. Bet they keep you busy though! I had forgotten that I'm off all day on Friday, if that works out any better for you.

Thanks again!
You are welcome to come friday but I would not be able to meet you. But if you want to come all the way, you are more than welcome.


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