Silkie chick not growing well.

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    Dec 29, 2008
    I have a silkie that I got from someone and the conditions of the other chicks were deplorable. After leaving I called humane society on the guy.

    They were kept in cages all day and fed grain feed that ive never heard of.

    Anyways my silkie was smaller than the others when I got it but it was active. I have had it for 4 months now and its only about a pound...give or take.

    The chick was showing repritory problems and crusty nostrils. Bubbles would form in its eye and after an atibiotic and care he got better and ate so much better.

    Well the week or so ago i noticed that the chicks beak was slightly not level. the top just so slightly turned to my right and its bottom was a bit not level. This doesnt cause any problems eating or drinking as he does that fine.

    But i was reading about Vitamine a deficiacy and was wondering if that could be it since they didnt every touch the ground and were caged.

    also myctoplasm crd syptoms are shown.

    so what do you all think?

    also i got him since my hen was broody, a australorp and i live in city limits but fenced in yard so i got one chick and they are inseparable.

    also all the time hes been around same area as hen, the hen has no symptoms of crd. so idk

    this was a bit older but sizze is close to now


    this was taken 2 weeks ago


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