Silkie Chick Special before it gets cold. 6 chicks

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    I just sent out over 80 birds today. So I see what chicks I still have left. I am running a my choice special. 6 silkie chicks of my choice as I don't have enough of any one color to do a one color request. I will ship according to size. So all in the box will be close to the same size. I can not guarantee any one color or age. Some will require a brooder some will not. I will ship this week and next then I am done for the season as the weather will soon be iffy here. So for $95 you can get quality silkies. I can fill 4 many 5 orders.
    So if interested just do the buy it now and I will put the auction right back up as long as I have chicks. Colors you could get: blue, s-part, partridge, white, black lav splits, buff, black. these are the colors I raise but not al are available. Great deal though.

    I have some older ones like about 2-3 month old I can do the same deal on. Still young enough not to quite be sure of the sex.
    No pullet requests on this. You get what I have.

    More Pics at (newly vamped site. Pictures added frequently)

    If you want Show Quality you just might get it like these people did.

    Quote:Quote:I am not on here on the weekends usually so if you order or have a question I will not be able to acknowledge until Monday.

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