Silkie Chick waking oddly

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    Jul 11, 2017
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    I'm having an issue with my favorite little Silkie chick (why does it always have to be the faves!). I've had him for a week, drove 2hrs to get them from a reputable breeder that I've used before and all of her birds look amazing! He walked just fine when with his mama but when I put him into his new home/brooder, this started. He kicks his butt with his right leg when he walks. At first I thought it was the difference in bedding, something stuck on its foot, etc. but I've checked the foot, and him thoroughly, and have no idea - Does this look familiar to anyone?? I tried to attach a video but it wouldn't let me so I posted a screen shot and I know it's hard to see but you can see how high he lifts his food backward (It's not always this pronounced, seems worse when he walks fast. Other than this, he's perfect - balance is good, eating and drinking like a little dino and it doesn't appear to be getting progressively worse ❤️) I have a great video but don't know how to upload it. Thanks for any help or advice you can offer!

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    Could be it can't see well, especially in a new environment that it's not familiar with. Check to see if the crest is restricting it's vision.
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