Silkie chick with an injured leg....Please help! The only advice I got was," Sorry it will die." I s

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  1. pulled ligament

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  2. splayed leg

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  3. spraddle leg

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  1. hhconley

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    Apr 17, 2011
    We went to the feed store Friday to get food for the girls. While I was there, I was made an offer I couldn't refuse. Now I am really second guessing it! Apparently there was a chick that was healthy. They thought that maybe someone had picked her up and dropped her? I was told that I was one of the few that they would let the chick go to if I bought a couple. So I did. I couldn't stand to see her like that and I know there are plenty of web sites. It is only one leg and it hangs a bit to the side. She can move it a little, but doesn't have much movement of her foot. It does not look swollen so we thought spraddle leg or splayed leg? We tried to hobble her, but she fell over and cried a lot. We spent over a hour with her to help her get used to it and gain balance to no avail. We tried a second time as well. We are doing "physical therapy" with her 3 times a day. It actually seemed to make a difference for a bit. Not sure now. I am not giving up yet. Her two little buddies are nice to her so far and she is eating and drinking well. What else can I try? She has such a sweet little personality. [​IMG]

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