Silkie chick with one spraddle leg...

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    I took remaining eggs that were newly developing from 2 broodies and put in bator when they pretty much gave up sitting. First one hatched with wry neck and spraddle leg a few days ago and didn't make it. This one has one leg stretched out, hatched yesterday morning with help as dry from not enough humidity in bator, was zipped and trying to break the dry membrane and I didn't catch. From what I can tell it was a cool time in incubation with explains the issues with them hatching now as the broodies were off about 3 hours or so when I took them and they were moving. How can I tape a feathered leg chick? I hope the last 3 eggs to hatch are okay...
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    so sorry! the best I can do is give a little bump and share my links for orthopedics....


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