silkie chick with swollen foot?


6 Years
Jul 24, 2013
Northern Cali
Hey I have a three week old black silkie chick with weird swelling on its foot well it's more like just one toe is really swollen. I don't think it's bumble foot but I've never encountered it before and I only know what I've learned from the internet. I've ha chickens for a long time without trouble it was only a matter of time before bad luck caught up with me. I don't have a photo yet but as soon as I do I'll upload it. What do i do if it is bumble foot? if it's not?
Not the best photos but she's walking on it like some chicks do when their first hatched and this only started about two days ago.

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You may have to back up just a bit to get the toes in focus. Bumblefoot usually has a dark spot on the foot pad or toe that is swollen. Of course with silkies, that might be difficult to see.
Well there's no dark spot but on both feet it's identical so maybe it's a deformity? I don't know if bumble foot attacks two feet on the same toe at once

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