silkie chicken very lethargic, and snotty nose...

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    Sep 6, 2011
    I live in the UK and the weather has been very wet/damp lately

    I am a new chicken owner, and about a month ago, bought 6 silkie hens around 4 months old

    From the start, the 4 white ones where sneezy, had a bit of a cold.

    I treated them with garlic in their water, didnt see much difference, they sounded worse, so a vet gave me some antibiotic to add to the water for 5 days.

    They stopped sneezing, were eating and drinking well in the last few weeks.

    They got soaked in the rain on Wednesday, and they are all sneezing again, but are very active, eating & drinking, and pooing normally.

    I noticed yesterday, that one white silkie has a snotty nose encrusted on her beak, and she was stretching her neck out and opening her mouth.
    I cleared the snot from her beak, but 5 mins later, its covered again. She wasnt very active yesterday.

    So today, I would describe her as being worse, as far as I can see, shes trying to eat, or has some interest in food, but is unable or unwilling to eat. Shes sleeping/dozing alot of the time, and it looks like shes breathing heavily.

    The rest are abit sneezy, but no snotty noses, they are very active, eating and pooing normally.

    I started with apple cider vinegar in their water yesterday, as that is meant to be good for colds?

    Also gave some warm porridge today, but the white silkie with the snotty nose wasnt really interested. She just looks down in the dumps, and looks sickly.

    Any ideas on what I can try?

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