silkie chicks being attacked by hen


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Aug 10, 2021
Just reintroduced 2 one and a half month old silkie chicks with mother hen to the rest of the flock. Tried slowly integrating them by letting the hens see them first and now that I have integrated them fully they are being left alone by all of the flock apart from one, who is constantly attacking them. Anything I can do to stop this. I understand pecking order but this is a lot more than that. Its brutal and I think it could do serious damage to the chicks.
Do the chicks have places to hide or go where the bully can not reach them? It is normal for the lowest ranking hen to make sure chicks are kept in their place.
Thanks, I hadn't thought of that but I will try and create a space like that tomorrow. At the moment they are asleep in the henhouse and all is peaceful so hopefully that will continue tomorrow. before it got dark and they got sleepy they were being attacked constantly. Thanks for your advice

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