Silkie chicks exhibiting odd head twitch - tilting -Neurological problem?

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    Feb 2, 2014
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    I have seven Silkie chicks, they are 7 weeks old and were broody hatched. I picked them up locally at 1 week old. They have been on Dumor and Purina (medicated) Chick starter since I got them, with an occasional hard boiled egg treat. But nothing else besides fresh water. They are secluded in their own new brooder box.

    All chicks have good weight, good appetite, are drinking water, normal feces, and feather development looks great. I see a normal pecking order within the 7 chicks with no one being targeted, etc. All of this suggests healthy active chicks.

    However, over the past two weeks I have noticed two of the chicks exhibiting (infrequently) a tilting of the head to one side, then quickly doing it again and again. Its like watching deja vu.

    Not shaking the head, and its not that jerky of a movement, like a glide until the head is parallel to the ground, then pops back up to do it again. I see no respiratory issues, no water discharge from nostril or eye , just a tilt and repeat 3-6 times, then they are fine.

    I can't find anything online that describes this malady, but am thinking some sort of dietary deficiency or ear infections?

    Thank you for any advice!!!
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    Jan 17, 2015
    One of my silkies did something similar was she was young. She did a weird bobble head movement when she walked. i thought it was a neurological issue as well, but i remember coming across some info (can't remember where) that said it's common with silkies and they will usually outgrow it. i had wondered if the feather poof at the top of her head was annoying her since the feathers were just coming in.

    Once all the feather were all in she stopped doing it. Not sure if that is what's going on with your silkies, but mine did seem to outgrow it. Good luck!
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    It would probably be good to put them all on vitamins B1 thiamine, vitamin E, and selenium, in case of a vitamin deficiency. Most poultry vitamin powders to add to the water do not contain selenium, but eggs, chopped tuna, salmon, meat, nuts, and sunflower seeds all contain it.
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    Feb 2, 2014
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    Thanks guys!!! Picked up vitamin pack and treats today!!

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