Silkie chicks, pet quality- no shipping-Colorado

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    Feb 8, 2007
    Price is per each chick as I can get $3.00 a piece at the swaps. I have some that just do not make the cut for show, unfortunately, I cannot sex these yet. There are some blue or black, and white some buffs that are looking too partridge like for me so far. One white carries his leg off to the side a bit, another white has curled toes, the blue/black ones were just born and have a sixth toe. Have some odd colored ones, the partridgey ones have nothing wrong that I can note, some of them have poor toe seperation, etc. Pretty much the general consensous is that they have bad feet for showing, except for the partridgey ones. I would love for these to go to a home instead of being eaten.
    Some of these are older probably and some new born. Would like them to all go together of possible. I reall yhave no idea how many there are, at least 5 newish born, and about 4 or so a bit older, still in my house. Might have others that do not make the cut outside as well.

    Cannot ship, weather is just too hot here.

    Pic is of the newborn ones.

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