Silkie Chicks seem mellow compared to...

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  1. my last batch of chicks! Is this normal? I just had a batch of LF chicks that were a bunch of little bundles of energy from the get-go. I now have 4 Silkie chicks that almost seem lethargic in comparison. They are eating/drinking/pooping normally, but doing a lot of sleeping and are not very active when NOT sleeping. [​IMG]
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    How old are they?

    I have had three batches, and they seemed pretty mellow to me, but got more active as they got older. By 4 weeks they were running and jumping. They still do not roost though, and are pretty tame and calm.

    I got some Marans, and realized how much I loved my silkies- my Marans are nuts, always running around and scared of everything.
  3. Oh, I forgot to say how old they are!! They hatched this past Thursday, so they are 4 days old now.

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