silkie chicks that are acting funny - sick???

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  1. kapty'shobbyfarm

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    May 25, 2010
    Hi everyone. I am new to this group and to having chickens. I will be lucky if I figure out how to get back here!!!
    I have barred Rock hens that I have had from one week old and are now about five weeks old. I just got four silkies that are about four weeks old. The silkies have settled in pretty good with the other hens and have held their ground a lot better than I thought they would. I have noted strange behaviours in two of them. One has a twitch where she (hopefully) almost ticks her head to the left. I have caught her doing it off and on and when I start to watch her intently or go to try and pick her up, she seems to pop out of it and then goes about her business. Then last night I noticed the two silkies getting up and appear like they are choking. They stretch their necks and look like they are trying to crow without any noise!!! The second silkie is acting completely normal except for this. Their crops do not seem to be impacted which is what I feared. The second silkie is eating and drinking and pecking around her yard totally normally. Today I believe the ticking silkie is a bit lethargic although will get up and run around and peck the ground. I have not been able to catch her eating or drinking though. I can not feel a crop bulge on her at all today. This started to worry me so I have brought the two inside to be watched. I am not doing anything for them right now but watching but if anyone has any ideas of what could be going on or what I should be watching for, other than the obvious, I would appreciate it.
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    I'm not sure what's wrong but hopefully someone will come along with advice. I had a chick that did that 'gaping' thing a lot but she ended up being fine. I just think some chicks may have some issues in the beginning with eating... or maybe food gets stuck in their throats? That can also be caused from gape worm, but it seems like that is not usually the case in chicks.
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    Mar 19, 2010
    Are you just feeding starter or other things (treats etc.) If they are eating other things do you have grit for them? Just a thought.
  4. kapty'shobbyfarm

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    May 25, 2010
    I have just started giving them treats. I gave them some peppers yesterday. They have access outside which has lots of little rocks all over it so I was under the assumption that I didn't have to offer grit?? They would find their own. Let me know if this is wrong! These guys are not getting anymore treats until I figure out what is going on. They both seem fine this morning! No strange behaviour noted at all!!!
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    Check their weight, feel if they have meat on the bones or are feather light. You may need to trim the feathers from around the eyes so they can find food easier. Once a chick gets to far underweight they lose their desire to eat, you need to step in soon to save them. It may be necessary to feed them with a eye dropper with wet mash, and then continue to give them the mash to eat on their own isolated until their weight and energy return.

    The ticking may have been caused by a bump or peck from another chick if the silkie has a vaulted skull.

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