silkie cochin cross.... right????

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    Sep 10, 2011
    Bought hatching eggs that were "mille fluer cochin" well I'm thinkin they were crossed with silkie due to how many toes they had the boys all had "bed head" type of feathers on top of there head and some hade like a rose comb thing goin on...3 out of 5 were one girl I would assume was def a cochin by looking at her untile you look at her toes...then there is this one
    Body and head look cochin but she has a beard and no comb and of course more toes than a cochin should
    I googled and couldn't find anything that looked like her and she is the only one bearded
    Think I'm correct on cross?
    I think its super cute but I luv beards :) on chickens

    Sorry for photo quality, taken last night

    Rest taken with flash

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