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    Mar 28, 2010
    OK, so I fail to collect an egg ONE DAY , and the next day my Silkie, Ursula is sitting on 2! She is white and her beau is my Calico Bantam Cochin.
    Who knows? These may not even hatch. I'm curious what the babies would look like though. I have looked around here and seen some of the Silkie/Cochin crosses, and they are ADORABLE!

    I guess I have 2 questions:

    1- I have read that White is a mask color, and so it's hard to know genetically what they will produce from the genes "underneath" so to speak. Is this true, and if so, in all breeds? Does anyone know about the Calico color? How does that translate to the offspring?

    2- I also read that w/this cross, skin color will be different between the sexes. THAT would be convenient! If so, how do I know which is which?

    This is Ursula

    and this is Samurai (Sammy)

    They are in LOVE! [​IMG]
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    you have a very pretty mille fleur cochin, a calico has large color patches. I have a couple of silkie cochin crosses and they are adorable [​IMG] mine have small crests, beards, five toes and feet feathers and they are the broodiest critters EVER. I don't know what color your babies will be. so far all my crosses have pink skin but I only have girls so I don't know about the skin color.
  3. serendipityfarm

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    Mar 28, 2010
    OK, here he is again... Maybe you can see better why I call him Calico. (This pic was a couple weeks ago) Whatever he is, he is a handsome little guy!


    And I think what I read was females have lighter skin, males are darker??? That would make some sense if you got all females. I could only hope... 2 juvenile roosters is plenty!
    Not that I need any more chickens, period, but apparently nature's calling... how do you not answer???
  4. FrenchToast

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    Jan 10, 2010
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    I have several cochin/silkie crosses. I aquired two white silkie hens that had bred with a black bantam cochin. The chicks are adorable.
    Most came out black. The roos are getting tan hackle feathers. Don't know where the tan came from.
    I think my hens have the dark skin though. I'll have to do a better inspection. The roos are just now starting to crow. They all have the single comb.

    BTY, what are they called ? Just a silkie/cochin cross?? They sure are adorable. I ended up with 17 of these little critters and I only wanted to get into silkies. I will no doubt use them for brooders and small eggs for pickled eggs one day.

    Is there a market for them???
  5. shaman59

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    Aug 10, 2010
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    I have four birds that are the result of an accidental crossing between a blue splash cochin and white silkie hen. They are all four black, but not the intense black of our australorps or sumatras. There is a hint of green highlight to them in the sunlight. Right now they are about two months old and one is definitely a roo, maybe another. The roo and one other are developing gold or tan feathers in the neck area. Of course all have feathered feet and five toes.

    Like the rest of you I find their look very entertaining with their samurai topknots and sideburns and the temperament is the best. So, also like some of you I have been giving some thought to establishing them as a breed. (I've been thinking of them as black sochi's). If there were enough interest in the idea perhaps we could trade some birds for better genetic diversity and partner up on a new breed of ornamental. Though I had planned on waiting till they got their adult feathering in to give any serious thought to it. Does anyone have any pics of this cross matured?


    P.S. In most breeds white is a dominant (masking) color, but in silkies it is a recessive gene as is the hookless feather gene so a white silkie crossed with anything but a white silkie will likely come out some other color unless, perhaps, if it were crossed with a white dominant chicken like a white leghorn or some such.
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