Silkie-Cochin-D'Uccle cockerel, OOAK, iso a home in the country

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    OOAK means you must have one to be different than everyone else, right?
    What a head-turner! What a conversation piece at your next backyard party! Or next barn-raising, or whatever!
    "Emu" is a friendly and mild-mannered boy who is very unusual looking, in a good way, for a mix, and he would like a nice home in the country with plenty of friends & space.
    The coloration of his neck makes him look like an emu when he walks. There was no emu ever involved in his life.
    Emu was part of an auction win at the local Chickenstock, and he's got a great little personality, as well as a funny emu walk.
    We think one parent was a standard cochin, and one was a D'uccle, and there is a crest on him that says "silkie" into the mix, as well as his mellow personality.
    He's friendly like a D'uccle as well.
    Does anyone want an interesting guy like him to add flavor to their existing flock?
    He was hatched May 1 so is 10 weeks old as of this listing.


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