Silkie/Cochin eggs, BC Marans/OE eggs for Mottled Java


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8 Years
Dec 5, 2011
Grand Prairie, TX
Hi, I'm looking for mottled Java eggs to hatch. I would be thrilled if I could trade eggs with someone. We have 2 pens. One pen has a Black Copper Marans and two Easter Eggers covered by a very pretty Blue Copper Marans rooster. Chicks will be Blue/Black Copper Marans and Olive Eggers. The other pen has bantams that are a mix of silkie and cochin. No Silkie feathering, but some have head poofs, beards, black skin and five toes. Some are frizzles. They are all wonderful broodies and great mothers; they make incubation easy for me! All very docile, and the rooster is an ideal gentleman, looking after his girls well. No show birds, but they are great for incubating small numbers of valuable eggs.

If you are interested in shipping me a half dozen Mottled Java eggs, I can send you 2 to 3 dozen (depending on how many they lay in a week) from these pens. I am interested in helping to preserve and promote this rare breed. I am in Texas.


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