10 Years
May 26, 2013
Washington State
I picked up these two little sweeties at auction a few weeks ago. I was fortunate to meet the seller. She said that the hens were laying already, a small brown egg.... To date I have not seen a single egg. The more I look at them trhough, the younger they seem. In fact, one still has a baby voiceand rather than a cluck sounds more like a bullfrog. I know the picture isn't the greatest but was hoping someone could give me an estijmate on age. I am guessing about 12 weeks or so. However they are purported to be a Sillkie/Cochin and I know nothing at all about Silkies. I do know though that they do not look a thing like the Silkie pictures found here in the forums.... Nonetheless, they are both very sweet and shy and I don't regrret them for a second.
They don't really look like a silkie cross to me either. Silkie crosses (as long as it's the F1 generation) have dark skin, usually have an extra toe to some extent, a bit of a puffy head and have the very fluffy EE/ameraucana looking necks. From the photos (though I can't see the feet) it doesn't look like either are exhibiting these traits.
Good luck with them anyway, theyre pretty 'lil things
I don't see any Silkie traits. I think you have some poor quality Cochins, or they are crossed with another type of bird, not Silkies.
Thanks all for your input, which I value very much. I rather suspected that they weren't Silkie. However as I said they are very sweet and are incorporating themselves in nicely with my other birds. Thanks again, I will try at a later date toget picrures, but it is so difficult for me to get decent pics of my birds, they are always on the go and if the body isn't moving then the head is,. It's alot like trying to photograph a toddler just quicker, have a wonderful day to you all and thank you again.

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