Silkie Cockeral FINALLY found his crow~

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  1. Well it took little Blackie 5 months, but yesterday he finally crowed for the first time! Is he a late bloomer or what~? Despite not being overly loud, it woke me out of a sound sleep, probably because I had never heard him make that noise before! It almost sounded like a scream! He seemed rather pleased with himself, and crowed about 15 times between 6-7 AM... and then again randomly at about 5PM.

    For a month now I -though- he'd been trying to crow, but that sound is like "bawk-bawk-bawk-bawk-bahgawk!", which I normally would attribute to a hen...

    I call that particular noise his "laugh", because he only ever does it when he hears my siblings and I laughing up a storm.

    Even if he does make silly noises and it took him FOREVER to find his crow, I'm very proud of my little boy~

    I just wanted to share!

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    Yes, some of them take their time crowing, and then they sound really weird. He will continue to make weird noises, LOL, that's part of the cuteness. Mine growls etc.

    BTW, Welcome and you need more chickens!
  3. He definitely makes a "growly" type noise too! Having never had a chicken before, every day I'm amazed by the things he does or says!~

    Oh, and I am most definitely getting some more! I brought him home as a day-old chick against my parents' wishes, but my mom was definitely endeared to the idea. I really want some more right now, but I'm being forced to wait til Spring so that the little fluffy-butts can be off to a good warm start.

    My sister and brother are already discussing the types they want~

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