SILKIE COCKEREL- Beautiful Lavender/Porcelain from ULTRASOL egg -8 mo.

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  1. The pullet (in display picture)is sold, but cockerel available for $25.

    This is really a beautiful bird.
    He is a Lavender/Porcelain cockerel from an Ultrasol egg
    and about 8 months old.
    Quality "foundation roo" for your porcelain or lavender pen.
    Great BQ or SQ with no DQs and really a nice guy.

    I WILL SHIP, but pick up is welcome.
    If you would like more pics or have questions, just let me know!
    Paypal is [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.

    This cockerel out of lavender roo and out of porcelain hen (mother) below

    half sister
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  2. birdherder

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    Aug 21, 2011
    JEEZ! nice birds, are they show quality? do u have a roo? if so does it crow much. or is it loud, if not i might be interseted.
  3. Lav hen is sold
    roo available
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