SILKIE COCKEREL- Beautiful Lavender/Porcelain from ULTRASOL egg -8 mo.

Silkie horsechick

8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Northwest Pennsylvania
The pullet (in display picture)is sold, but cockerel available for $25.

This is really a beautiful bird.
He is a Lavender/Porcelain cockerel from an Ultrasol egg
and about 8 months old.
Quality "foundation roo" for your porcelain or lavender pen.
Great BQ or SQ with no DQs and really a nice guy.

I WILL SHIP, but pick up is welcome.
If you would like more pics or have questions, just let me know!
Paypal is

Thanks in advance.

This cockerel out of lavender roo and out of porcelain hen (mother) below

half sister
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8 Years
Aug 21, 2011
JEEZ! nice birds, are they show quality? do u have a roo? if so does it crow much. or is it loud, if not i might be interseted.

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