Silkie Cockerel's- Any worth keeping?

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    May 1, 2009
    I have a 8 silkies, 3 that I hatched out (4 originally but sold one) from shipped eggs and 5 that I bought from another BCY’er.
    Of the 4 that I hatched out, all 4 turned out to be roo’s. From the 5 I bought both blue are roo’s and one of the 3 black’s are roos. That is WAY to many roo’s… 6 silkie roo’s and one FBCM roo. I have 29 hens/pullets so that you know the hen/roo ratio.

    I need to decide which roo’s to keep and would like your opinion’s on the 3 older ones. I am waiting to decide on the younger ones once they grow out.

    **Click on thumbnails to view larger pics.

    This is the main roo. He is a good flock protector but has started going after us, he has received an education or two and doesn’t bother my son or myself anymore but still bother’s my daughter (she runs from him). I don’t like that behavior but his is great with the girls. He does like to chase the least dominate roo and pull out his feathers.
    What color is he? Would he be considered partridge? If he is kept, what color would you breed him to? He came from a BBS pen. **click on image to see larger picture

    Below is the least dominate roo… he was watching a bug. His tail is crocked for some reason, it was never noticed as a chick but once he matured it became noticeable. Is he partridge? He is darker than the dominate roo and has never crowed
    The white in the background is the middle roo, he also has developed a crocked tail and chases after the least dominate roo. This one crows ALL THE TIME. These aren’t good pictures of the white, my camera battery died.
    You can see the crocked tail in this picture, he is the silkie in the front.

    Of these three, would you keep any?

    Goals: my kids want to start showing chickens but I am not sure any of these three are show worthy. I have a little black pullet growing out now that I think may do well. I would like to begin raising my own silkies.
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  2. PepsNick

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    May 9, 2010
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    Second one is great. Probably for showing too... a little fluff ball! TOTALLY worth it!!
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    Jul 13, 2010
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    I don't know what color your hens are but I would not us the first one because of the red looking comb. The color on that one is, just guessing Blue Partridge with silver or called Gray. That is a lot of colors going on there. The second one I am not seeing the comb but for some reason I like the color. The white one looks to have a darker comb so I would pick that one to go with my whites. You said you have younger ones that are black and blue and I would pick one of them for my blue, black, splash pen if you have hens of those colors. I would not use any brown, red or gold colors in any BBS pen it will just make a big mess. Now if there just for pets do as you please. I would not keep any rooster of any kind that is not a happy camper.That mean gene can be past on to your roosters from that rooster. I also would not breed any brothers and sisters together. Most of all I would make your daughter happy, it is all about having a good time.
  5. Apomerantz

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    Apr 26, 2010
    I like the 2nd one as well! He is beautiful! I am in the same boat - too many roos, gahhh!
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    Jan 10, 2009
    If your kids are interested in showing, you need to show the colors that are recognized by the APA Standard of Perfection.

    The standard colors are:

    Blue, Splash, Partridge, Buff, Black, and White.

    I have seen too many people want to show and have mixed colors. Those that you have may be ok for a county fair where the judges are more lenient, but when you get to a sanctioned show, you will be dissapointed. My feelings have always been, if you want your kids or grandkids in 4H or FFA to show, they need to have correct birds. Kids get excited at the fair when they win a blue ribbon only to be dissapointed at another show when their birds are DQ'd or not judged because they don't meet the standard. Just my thoughts....[​IMG]

    Edited to add that I would not keep a rooster that charged or showed aggression. Had a nice one once. He charged my 2 yr old granddaughter... scared the livin daylights out of her...He was not around the next time she came over...
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  7. If I kept one, it would be roo number 2. He's a cutie [​IMG]
  8. I would never, ever show or especially breed a mean rooster. Those sort of things can get you in trouble at a show (if a child or judge gets bitten badly), or in the future, as these sort of traits can get bred on, or so I believe. You should never show a bird you fear. Espeicially with young children, who should feel comfortable and in control when they are exhibiting. Those are just my thoughts. And my experience.
  9. If you are looking for a decent rooster and a pretty good show quality for first time 4-H I would say #2 and #3.

    Rooster #1 - is mean? He needs to go - no place in a yard with kids if he chases and terrifies those kids. nutuh. Besides breeding him can carry that personality trait in some cases - and who wants a yard full of evil little cockerals?
  10. Sonoran Silkies

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    [Only the white might have show potential, and without better photos I cannot really comment on him. Neither of the other birds is partridge. They are both silver gene (grey) with significant amounts of autosomal red (disqualifications). I will not deny that it can be attractive. These two birds also have crooked tails, also disqualifications.

    For black, blue and splash, it makes no difference whether the bird is gold or silver based, so long as neither leaks (in other words, the bird needs sufficient melanizers, regardless of gold or silver).

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