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    Hey Everyone!!

    I have 3 white silkie cockerels for sale and a gorgeous blue silkie rooster for sale and I was wondering if anyone was interested.

    White Silkie Cockerels: They are all about 7 months old and are filling in nicely! They all have medium - large crests, 5 toes, good spacing, 4th and 5th toe feathering, nice cushions, small - medium sized combs and are really sweet! They haven't come off aggressive to me whatsoever!

    They are breeder quality - not from hatchery stock.
    They are $25 each - if you take the 3 of them... you only have to pay $15 per bird.


    Blue Silkie Rooster: He is just gorgeous!! He has 5 perfectly spaced toes, heavy 4th and 5th toe feathering, large crest, soft round cushion, small comb, great confirmation - he's just a sweety! I hold him all the time! Sadly, he's the last of my blues and I don't like him in a cage by himself all the time. So, I'd like to find him a great home - he would be an excellent addition to anyone's breeding flock! He is from a great breeder flock and I purchased him for $90. I would like to sell him for $50.


    They can be shipped or I can meet someone somewhere.
    My zip is: 17368

    ETA: I will also be willing to trade!! Just let me know what you have! Hatching Eggs, Chicks, Chickens, Pheasant, Quail, Geese, Whatever! haha...

    Thank you!
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