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    Ok silkie folks. I'm fairly new to silkies and unsure of what I just hatched.
    I have a flock of silkies, sizzles, and showgirls. The colors in my flock are mainly blacks and paints (hens and roosters), one partridge hen, one blue hen, and one porcelain rooster.

    I just hatched a black and a blue chick that have white bellies and wings. Both chicks also have pink toes (just the longest middle toe) but the rest of their skin is black. Any ideas what they will look like feathered out? I've seen similar coloring on barred rock chicks but doubt these will be barred as they are all pure silkies and I don't have any barred ones.




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    Hard to tell as chicks, and if it's a pure Silkie but still a mixed variety, you could have a lot of different colors. It's super hard to tell what color plumage it will have when older, and it could very well be some odd patterns and colors. If I had to guess, I'd say either black or maybe splash, but there is no way to tell for sure.
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    you might try posting photos on the "Silkie thread." Maybe just a partridge color
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    My blue and black Silkies hatch out with bits of white on them. As their feathers grow in, occasionally one or two white feathers will grow out, but they disappear and turn the appropriate color with subsequent juvenile molts. They should feather in blue and black.

    The pink toes may darken up in the next couple of weeks, I get some pink tootsies too. They usually turn black, but sometimes they stick.

    Cute chicks, good luck with them!

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