silkie cross chicks

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    3 weeks old. Some are 1/2 silkie 1/2 Booted & some are 3/4 silkie 1/4 Cochin Bantie. All are feather-footed Bantams. If bread to a silkie will probably produce silkies. Hens will go broody!!! some have muffs, beards, and/or poofs on top of there heads. Some will be all black some will be mostly black with orange feathers scatterd & I THINK 2 will be a greyish. Comb Types & colors vary. There are 11 total. most are very friendly. streight run only. no shipping. I am driving to ann arbor in 2 weeks, I can meet any intrested party(S) there. Im selling them in groups of 4 for $3.00. If you want more than 4 or the whole brood I will give you a good deal. If you pick them up you can pick your chicks.
    I have 4 older chickens out of the same parents that were hatched earlier this year. They are what the babies are going to look like for the most part. 3 of the 4 are for sale (a black hen, a black & orange Rose comb rooster, & a Black & orange Single comb w/beard & poof on head. Im not sure of its sex.) $3.00 ea. 4 months old.

    Pictures avalible apon request. [email protected]
    This is some of the older chicks

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