Silkie cross question (pics added)


11 Years
Apr 28, 2010
My silkie mama just hatched out 7 babies! I'm not sure who the roos are of the babies... But one roo I have is a frizzle. What kind of chicks would they be? Would they have frizzle feathering? I also have a cochin roo, 2 silkie roos, one light brama and an Americana (that I have never seen mount).

Any thoughts / info would be appreciated. Thank you!

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yeah pics neaded i had my silkie hatched american/silkie mix chicks so i know if they are mixed with those breeds and a frizzle with a silkie makes a sizzle hope this helps
if they have solid leg feathering you know the daddy isn't the ameracauna since all the others are feather footed (cochin, frizzled cochin, and brahma X silkie)

You won't be able to tell if any of the chicks are from the frizzle till they start to get their feathers in, so in about a week or so you should be able to notice the wing feathers starting to curl some - then you know who the daddy of that one is lol

What color is your silkie and the roos? since all the chicks are blue/black
My silkie hen is grey (believe that's the name, and not blue), and then I have one white silkie rooster, and one splash silkie rooster... or so I think he's splash? Is there another name for roosters that have a grey pattern on them?? Thank you!!
im gonna say cochin is the daddy on most of them
they look just like the chicks i hatched out and they are std cochin/silkie cross
very cute btw!
Okay, next question - I have two cochin roosters. One is straight-feathered and red, the other is a black frizzle. Do you think all 7 chicks are from the black frizzle?

Thank you!

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