Silkie crosses?


Nov 27, 2020
I have silkie chicks in the brooder, 4 black 1 grey appearing and 1 mostly white.
I am wanting to breed for sex linked chicks.

1) Is the skin color like feather color? As in, a silkie rooster (black skin) over cream legbar hens (white/yellow skin)would produce black/dark skinned pullets and white/yellow skinned roos? Or would I just get all dark/light skinned or a random mixture?
2) Can silkies be crossed with any breeds to produce sex linked chicks by feather color?
Any other tips or suggestions on the breed would be appreciated, and thank you in advance! **feeder and bedding were cleaned after picture**
I also breed Silkie cross's and the offspring will be extremely inconsistent. All traits from the both breeds will appear randomly. Different sizes, 5 toes, 6 toes, name it. Skin can be any color from black, grey to pink and the feathers play no role in the skin color.No 2 birds will be alike and that has been my experience in regards to your question.
I just hatched 2 silkie cross chicks this morning. Father is white silkie, mother is black olive egger (ameraucana/BCM cross). Both chicks are black, one solid black, one with white down on chest. One has 4 toes on each foot, one has 5 toes on each foot. Both have black eyes and beaks and dark legs (mom has grey legs, so not sex-linked for shank color from what I understand.) 😊

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