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    ok besides having all the 150 chicks to take care of my silkies are laying like crazy...i have 2 still not determined if both are female or one female one male...she has about 10 eggs in her box....they free range with hank the dominique rooster...I am thinking she might go broody soon with those eggs...well if the other silkie is not a male do you think hank will be the daddy?...also would that be wierd?....silkie/dominique

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    They are working on barred silkies so you could see you have a head start on some.
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    Apr 25, 2012
    i just had a silkie hatch out a silkie/dominique! am super excited to see if i can master the barred silkie chicken!!
  4. I don't know much about Silkies apart from the fact that I adore them, but I think the barred version of a Silkie is a Cuckoo Silkie, as the "bars" are not 100% defined as a regular chicken would be. The reason being, Silkie feathers are not regular feathers - they're fluffballs and thus the barring could never look like an actual bar...hence the cuckoo name.

    Here's more info about them:

    There is a lot more info on them out there and there are many...many...many (and then many) lol lines of quality cuckoo Silkies out there.

    Dominiques are not recommended for barring Silkies but I'm sure they'll be adorable.

    Is a Cuckoo Silkie what you meant when you said "barred silkie chicken"? If so....just disregard everything I said. LOL

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