Silkie drama

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    Aug 1, 2011
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    This morning when I went out for my morning check about 9:30(I was out at 5:30 also but most were still roosting) my grey silkie,yes the one that started crowing yesterday,was still "sleeping". When I went in the run he did stand but was kinda acting like he was still half asleep and didnt open one eye so I ran and got the hospital kennel(he was normal last night) and went back i to catch him.Or so I thought....he immediatly became the 'impossible to catch without pulling everyone and everything out of the run pain in the butt he always is'...and I gave up.I went back out a little later and if you are on one side of him he keeps closing that eye and looks like he is snoozing but when I put out more food(they had plenty) he ran to eat.I see no drainage and he seems fine otherwise,no wierd breathing,sneezing,and no more clumsy than normal.My question is should I go through the dramatic catch procedure or just watch him and see if he just has dirt in his eye and is being still because he cant see well( or something like that) ? All my other chicks are easy to pick up but him and one BLRW roo that I swear is his brother in stupidity!!He gets sooo dramatic he may even hurt himself worse...I have a kennel I try to herd him in but he is smart enough to know that trick now...
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    Apr 20, 2011
    just watch him for a couple of days to see if the eye gets any better, my first set of chickens i got from the jockey lot (2 hens one roo) the same thing happened to them, after a couple of days they started getting drainage in there eye by the time i got antibiotics for them the roo died and the hens made it. So keep a close eye on him.
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    It would be easier to catch him at night.
  4. dixiebeast

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    Aug 1, 2011
    Cross Hill SC
    Thanks...I keep checking him and he is just sitting around "snoozing" . Yesterday he crowed for the first time and practiced ALL DAY! He jumps up and acts his normal stupid when I go in though.I did put a cooked cold ear of corn in for a treat that he ignored but so did the other silkie and my bantam hen so thats not too odd...they are funny with treats...It is overcast and cooler today so maybe he is just chillin but I wanted to see if this was the possible begining of trouble which I am sure it could be!
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