Silkie driving me nuts.

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    Ok I have one undetermined-sex silkie. S/he is acting as though she may be building a nest to lay. She's 18.5 weeks old. The temps have been in the 70's past few days, they get natural light and she's been lounging alot in the sun...when the bunny doesn't chase her off his favorite spot...

    s/he has been squatting, scooching out a good spot and settling down like my coop of layers (not silkies) do. But, until I can get my cam some batteries i can't share pics of him/her for sexing.

    Whadda ya'll think? Don't get hopes up...right? could be roo behavior?

    And crowing from anyone either.
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    A hen at point of lay. [​IMG]

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    I agree she is getting ready to start laying.
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    Quote:see, now...that's my hope...but after having a coop full of roos before I am a little trepidatious. So I thought I would ask.

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