Silkie ducks for sale!!! Trio, laying and fertile!


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10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
New Tripoli PA
I have a trio of silkie ducks from Holderreads for sale. They are show quality, and are healthy, laying, and fertile. They lay a good sized green egg, and will set for you. My females are gray, and the drake that is going with them is white masking gray. I have decided to thin my flock and is the ONLY reason I am selling these birds. They are used to being in the coop, and are also used to being able to get out onto grass and free range. I am asking less for them than I paid, so you can go to Holderread's and pay more, or get this trio
The trio that is for sale are all only a year and 3 months old. They are really nice birds, and are less messy than the 2 pekins I have
The picture is of one of the hens, but I do not have that drake any more. I will be posting more pictures of the full trio tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) once I get home from work. If you have any questions feel free to PM, email or call me at (484)707-2006 Thank You!!



10 Years
Mar 21, 2009
I wish you would have posted pictures of the actual birds! I just checked back again today and still no pics!
Oh well, the female is gorgeous (she looks like a Blue Fawn though, I'm sure she will produce awesome babies). I would love to have seen the drake and the other hen.

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