Silkie Easter Egger Cross?


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Oct 26, 2020
Hi everyone! Well, my chicks have successfully made the transition from the brooder to the coop. I learn so much from this site, so thank you for that! You all have answered more questions than you realize just from my google searches!
Does anybody happen to have a silkie EE cross they can share info about and pictures of? I had gotten a Polish before I knew better. She is so sweet, but is getting her head feathers pulled from time to time.
I’ve invested in a small coop and run that we set up next to the big run, I’ll end up using it as an “infirmary” of sorts but it’s far too small for full time use. I’ve read that having more than one can be helpful with the flock as a whole. I have 2 EE and a NH Red. Would adding some other fluffy type birds help? All the Polish I’ve found aren’t available from the hatcheries. Is a EE silkie mix fluffier? Ohhhh that chicken math has begun. Regardless, by the time these girls get to laying (they’re going on 12 weeks) that first egg is gonna be a million dollar egg!! But, I’m very much enjoying this process. The picture is from when they were still in the brooder.
Thanks everyone!


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Sadly Polish frequently get their crests plucked and sometimes are scalped in mixed flocks. A silky/EE cross would be hard feathered with generally a minimal hard feathered crest. They do fine in a mixed flock as the crest is small and does not attract attention.

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