Silkie Egg?

Dirty Dozen

10 Years
May 30, 2009
Long Island, New York
Has anyone had a Silkie eggs like the darker larger one? Pretty sure it's from a Silkie but not proof yet. I also have standards. Saw a Silkie this morning sitting on one. It was still warm & she left (not broodie). In a small Silkie nesting box that a standard hen wouldn't try to smush into to lay an egg. Anybody have any like that? Thanx!
The lighter egg looks like a silkie egg to me. The darker one - well, I've never seen one from a silkie that was dark like that, so I'm gonna say it's not from a silkie. Just my opinion, though.
Our Silkie Yeti has only layed light eggs. The darker eggs may be from a standard, or maybe it is a silkie egg but have not seen any that dark yet, mine are all light pink/brown. Hope i helped ya!

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