Silkie eggs 4 white and 4 partridge

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    I have 4 eggs from my white silkies and 4 from my partridge silkies. This is buy it now and only 1 offer for them. The partridge hen won 4th in BV at a recent show

    Payment is expected by paypal at end of sale. My paypal is [email protected] I wrap each egg in bubble wrap and sit them in the box with air cell up to try to protect the air cell as much as possible. The eggs are secured with shredded paper. I've had 100% fertility rate here at home. I can't guarantee what the post office does but when they leave here they will be packed securly in a priority box and will have a DC# for tracking. That is if the post office scans it.

    I only ship with in the United States. Please contact me when your eggs arrive and leave feedback also. "Please". [​IMG]

    Ok, here's the chickens that laid the eggs and some of their offspring.

    This is momma all cleaned up and ready for show.

    And here's some of the latest babies
    The little barred bantam is not of the silkies. It's parents are in different pens.

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