Silkie eggs 8+ $20.00 with shipping

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    Apr 18, 2009
    I have 8 Silkie eggs right now. 6 of them or from Saturday to today. The other 3 are prior to Saturday. I just do not know when as they were collect when I was out of town from Wed to Sat.

    In my pen I have a solid wihte rooster and two solid white hens, one black hen, one spash hen.

    If I get another egg or two today, I will put theat in as well.

    I am selling them only becuase my bators are full until lat next week.

    IF bought today and payed for I will ship out today pending I have enought time to wrap and get to the post office.

    Not incluced in acution but available.

    I also have 5 eggs from me blue pen. Blue rooster and hens. Not sure of breed

    8 duck eggs


    6 eggs from my Black copper Marars pen. They started layign about 3 weeks ago. Eggs not huge but are fertile. I have some pullet eggs in the bator now and hatching in a few days. About a 4-5 on scale.

    If interested in all PM me.
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