Silkie Eggs Are TOUGH!!!

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    May 26, 2009
    We had one lone silkie in our flock, who had just started laying a few weeks ago. We had been putting her eggs in the fridge, same as all the other eggs. Unfortunately, our little silkie died due to a dog attack. It was our own puppy, who is now undergoing serious training to be much more chicken friendly. Its going very well, but we will never trust him again.

    Anyhow, after we got over the intial shock of her being gone, my DD reminded me we still had 2 of her eggs in the fridge. I kinda gave her a sad look, and I told her, "Oh honey, those have been in there for 4 or 5 days, not to mention they are pullet eggs, I dont think there is much hope, but we will give it a try" So we let the eggs warm up to room temp, and then popped them in. Waited 3 days, and candled with not much hope. Low and behold, they were BOTH developing!! We were sooo excited!

    And then, about 2 or 3 days later, I opened an egg carton from the back of the fridge, and found ANOTHER (1) of her eggs we somehow missed in the first search for her eggs, so, in it went. Even I didnt think that one had a snow balls chance in heck, I mean, it musta been in the fridge at least 8 or 9 days by then (nobody wants to eat the tiny silkie eggs around here for some reason, so they kept avoiding it and eating all the eggs around it!).

    When I figured enough days had gone by, I did a quick check to make sure everyone was progressing and expecting to need to toss that one egg,and there it was.... A beautiful, wiggling, little embryo, just full of life and doing gymnastics in its little shell! We pretty much squealed with excitement! We are sooo thrilled to know our very last hatch till next spring is going to be beautiful little silkie babies from our sweet girl who didnt get to live nearly long enough. Well, they'll be half silkie at least, we're not sure who daddy is, we have a silkie roo, a bantam cochin roo, Jersey Giant roos (I'm kinda thinkin NO on the JG, I mean, she prolly woulda been a chicken pancake after he got done with her!) and one frizzle roo. Coulda been any of those guys, we never saw anyone with her, so it'll be a neat suprize to see what we get!

    So, I guess Silkie eggs are pretty dang tough- had to been at least 9 days minimum in the fridge for one of those eggs, and around 4 to 6 days for the other 2. All I can say is wow, those guys got the will to live!!!
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    [​IMG] that is so awesome! Congrats and wow! [​IMG]
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    I have had large fowl eggs in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and still have them develop and hatch. Its not that unusual I don't think. Good luck with your eggs though!
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    I have eggs in the fridge for 2-3 weeks when my flock got just about wiped out- I had a great hatch rate and I really didn't think I'd have any.

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