Silkie Eggs in Al Out of Show Winners SOLD

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    Nov 14, 2007
    I have a Buff and White silkie eggs to be shipped tomorrow or Monday. I have not marked them just picked them up out of each pen. In my buff pen I do have one splash buff that is a very typey girl out great bloodlines and I have her in there for when i am working on my buff splash project.
    12 plus eggs for 30 dollars includes shipping.
    First one to say sold and Paypal at [email protected] gets them. Thanks Julie I have lots of pictures of my silkies posted on the Online Show thread for Bearded silkies about he last page if you want to look to keep me from having to repost them.
    I showed two of the whites that the eggs are from and one was BB and the other RB
    In the buff pen I have shown the Rooster and he won RV and one of the hens I bought out of show pen before she was shown cause i had to leave before judging and she was the best looking one.
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    Sold. I'll take them, Julie.


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