Silkie eggs?

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    Apr 24, 2010
    Summit County, Ohio
    We're looking for someone who sells fertilized silkie eggs not too far from Summit County (Norton 44203), Ohio. Anyone on here nearby to us? We really want to hatch some silkies this spring and can't find anywhere nearby online. Every place we find online is too far away and the eggs would have to be shipped, and we don't want to have them shipped. We'd rather drive to pick them up, but not too far if we can help it. The colors we'd like are black, blue, and splash. I'm thinking of purchasing about a dozen fertilized silkie eggs. A nice assortment of the three colors preferably, or even just the black and blue. If anyone will have any available around March/April and don't live too far away, please let me know by email. [email protected] My husband has been wanting them for a long time, and I promised I'd find a way to do it. Thanks!
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    Try the Where are You threads...... can't remember the forum. Crap.
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