Silkie? (eggs)

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    Apr 20, 2011
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    We put 8 eggs in the incubator, previously under a broody hen... We removed the smaller eggs so they didn't get trampled by the standard sized chicks when they hatched... Plus, wanted to keep the silkie chicks inside, if there are any. There are three different colored eggs. White (1), cream (3), a darker pinkish cream (2), and light brown (3). The white egg is slightly larger than the cream eggs.
    We thought we had it all figured out. The smaller cream eggs were thought to be silkies, while the white egg was thought to be a Polish.
    We thought it was day 24 (Turns out it was around day 20) and were getting very worried, so we picked one (a darker pinkish cream) and cracked it. It ended up to be a buff orpington bantam.
    After all of that, we are VERY confused as to which eggs are which breed.
    (The possible breeds are polish, silkie, and orpington)

    Far Left: Light Brown Left: White, Middle: Cream, Right: Darker Pinkish Cream.
    (The lighting is weird, so the cream eggs aren't as white as they look in this picture.. They're actually slightly darker in color.)


    (Ignore the larger brown egg.)
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    Aug 14, 2011
    white = polish
    cream = silkie
    pinkish = orpington

    only guesses but i'm sure this is correct, although the polish and silkie could be the other way around
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    I second this. My polish x SSH lays bright white eggs, where my silkies lay an off white cream coloured egg. My BO lays very light brown.

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