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    I have a young silkie chick (still has an egg tooth young) that looks like her cheek fluff has got in her eye. I've done warm compress on her eye but I can't seem to get the fluff out. It's not her third eye lid because I've watched her blink. This started yesterday and I still can't get it. I'll put neosporin on it after i get it out, but i don't know how to get it out and need help! I watched them (I have 4) and she stayed in one place, crying, and not running, playing, or eating or drinking. Advice needed please!! I've had them for a total of four days now. And the fluff isn't loose. The other end is still connected to her cheek or at least that is what it looks like.[​IMG]

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    Try some QTips, and saline to flush the eye. Go ahead and use some drops or ointment in the eye.

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