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    I have two roos, one Japanese bantam and a white silkie. they are both 4 months, and live with three other birds. there is only one jap bantam, rooster, two unknown breed birds, hens, and there is my silkies, white and splash hen and rooster.

    I have noticed my male silkies feathers have been a bit 'messed up' and there picked at and seem to be ruined. I have no idea if it is my jap bantam doing it, for he s rather mean to the silkies.

    can anyone tell me how I can get his feathers back to normal? I see so many silkie pictured with gorgeous silkie feathers but my silkie seems to be far from that.

    also, are silkies a more picked on and quiet breed?

    PLMK!!! thanks guys!

    [​IMG]just cause I loved this picture!

    [​IMG]my jap bantam cadbury

    [​IMG]the flock (the RIR roo is not included)

    [​IMG]my hen (see how her tail feathers are a bit scraggly?)

    [​IMG]my hen

    [​IMG]my roo and hen. ( see how my roo's wing feathers are froopy and sort of missing? and my hens feathers are a bit scraggily, but I think hers may be fine)

    [​IMG]my roo's messed up wing feathers (in white)

    [​IMG]wing feathers messed up

    [​IMG]see his wing feathers? when I pull open his wing it looks like the feathers have been stripped off the middle of the feathers!

    [​IMG]I love this picture!!!

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