Silkie Feet Problem

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    Jun 12, 2011
    Good Morning -

    I purchased 2 beautiful Silkies from an auction barn last week. They were dirty but I have washed and cleaned them up. I do not know how old they are - If anyone can let me know how to tell I would be greatful. Anyway, the black one (Sassy) has good feet but the white one (Missy) has some broken feathers and some toes are crooked and one appears to be partially gone.(it is completely healed but no nail). Is there anything I can or need to do for her. I have been washing her feet and feathers daily with warm water and drying with paper towels.

    Info Appreciated
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    May 16, 2011
    post some pictures and we might be able to guess age....
    If the toes is all the way healed...then there is not much that you can do for her....the feathers will have to wait until they molt...then they will grow back.

    You can try making a "splint" with a band aid boot for the silkie to see if that works to help make the toe less bent.....but usually if it is fully healed, then there is not much that will help.

    Best Wishes,

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